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Design Objects

Gracious Greece is a fresh approach on Greek beauties. Modern & traditional yet elegant & casual. Gracious Greece narrates stories.

It inspires and interacts. 




A Caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column supporting an entablature on her head.


The Korai of the Acropolis of Athens are a group of female statues discovered in the last quarter of the nineteenth century all of the same typology.

New design objects exclusively for the Acropolis museum. Each object has two sides picturing both sides of the original statue.


Our philosophy

Greece has always been a generous place. Culture, nature, light, are some of the elements that Greece has gifted to humanity. Values like kindness, honor, charm, are established in all forms of its culture, from ancient years, till tradition and modern art. Inspired by our heritage and our everyday light, we designed 'Gracious Greece' series. Our initiative was to create high quality useful art objects, that at a first glance, they transmit simplicity and values, from this little place of earth.

Who we are

Gracious Greece is the result of a collaboration between Polkadot design and Plexiartshop silkscreen. Polkadot design was founded by Nearchos Ntaskas and Clair Georgelli and specializes in the sophisticated field of cultural visual communication. Some of Polkadot's clients are the National Music Hall of Athens, Lincon Center, Alpha Bank, Municipality of Xanthi,Camerata - the orchestra of National Music Hall of Athens.

Plexiartshop specializes in handprint screenprinting applications and is proud official manufacturer and supplier of major museum and cultural institution shops such as the Acropolis museum, National Archaeological museum of Athens - Olympia - Thessaloniki, Cyprus Museum, Byzantine and Christian museum, Panathenaic stadium shop, Attica zoo.


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